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Start writh WESTSAVE UpTM (Western Blotting Substrate)

For research use only


AbFrontier WESTSAVE UpTM (Western Blotting Substrate) is enhanced luminol-based chemiluminescent
substrate for the non-radioactive detection of Horseradish Peroxidase(HRP) labeled antibodies.
LF-QC0101 WESTSAVE UpTM (Western Blotting Substrate)
Detection reagent A (Luminol Enhancer solution)
Detection reagent B (Peroxide solution)
200 ㎖
1 ㎖
LF-QC0102 WESTSAVE UpTM (Western Blotting Substrate, double pack)
Detection reagent A (Luminol Enhancer solution) X 2 ea
Detection reagent B (Peroxide solution) X 2 ea
400 ㎖
2 ㎖
Basic Principle
Short protocol
1. Mix 5 ㎖ of Detection Reagent A and 10 ㎕ of Detection Reagent B (500:1).
- If you want to see the strong signal, you can add more 1.5~2 folds Detection Reagent B.
- Make this mixture right before you intend to use the solution.
2. Incubate blot with mixed solution for 10 seconds by placing in a tray and drain excess reagent.
3. Wrap in clear plastic sheet and then expose blot to X-ray film.
Storage: Stable for 6 months at 4℃ from date of shipment.
Caution: Do not use any solution with sodium azide. It will destroy the HRP activity.
Wash buffer(pH8.0) is recommended.
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